Favourites from July

July 31, 2014 – 10:03 am

Taking photos for myself and working on personal projects is something that I value strongly as a photographer, but sometimes balancing it with client work can make it a bit tricky and I can go weeks without taking a single frame for myself. I don’t always share every single photo I take or like, nor do I feel like that I have to.  But I do feel that sharing my personal work often leads to working with great people on projects that I love to death.  So I’ve decided this blog is probably the perfect place to start putting them out there, instead of sitting in an archive!  I’ve decided to post a few of my favourite personal photographs at the end of every month. Here are a few from July. It’s interesting to see that this month has been very “Naturey”.

I befriended a horse as the sun rose out in Daylesford, Victoria.
Dayleford Horse - Mark Lobo Photography

The above is a film photograph from over 2 years ago, but only just scanned it in this month. So I guess that counts. I took an instagram of it too at the time, here’s the iphone version.
Hand Held Butterfly - Mark Lobo Photography

July was a month of ridiculous sunny/rainy weather.
Rain Drops - Mark Lobo Photography

In between shoots for Foliolio, I started finding time to shoot for myself.
Stacked Leaves - Mark Lobo Photography

And I also stood in for myself a bunch of times to test some lighting setups.
Stand in - Mark Lobo Photography

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